LitApp Is the Ultimate Party Finder App

Being seen at clubs and high profile parties is great, but crowded events tend to decrease your chance of meeting the right kind of people. Whether you are chilling in a VIP booth or by the bar surrounded by swarms of other guests, it’s a time-consuming practice to attract someone who might actually share your interests. Or is it? Instead of scanning the area, asking around and even listening to rumors, we ask you this question:

Why not make the people come to you?

The party finder app we created can make you become a beacon amid the crowd, so you can decide who to invite to your own personal space. We are here to help you navigate through various venues and events with ease. With our exclusive mobile event app suited for iOS devices, you’ll be able to check out all the top rated LitAPP spots in your area and exchange experiences with other patrons by communicating through a live chat forum.

Our goal is for you to be at the right place with the right crowd


Mobile Event App

Spontaneous nights out are the best, so if you want to find a lit party without wasting any time, let our party finder app do it for you. If you are a new in the city that has a reputation lit parties and events, don’t waste your time searching for the right gigs that suit your tastes and needs. With our suggestion tool, you’ll cut to the chase and merit yourself with an invitation to a party that has your name written all over it.

Easy hook up

One of the best traits of our party finder app is that you can be surrounded by your kind of people in an instant. In this day and age where information almost travels at the speed of light, finding new friends and like-minded tribes on your mobile has become a common social interaction. We are here to serve that practical purpose and honor the fact that time is of the essence, now more than ever. Just install our specialized mobile event app on your phone, and spread the word of its communication amenities among your crew.

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Local Events App

Concerts, festivals, parties, and all kinds of events can be within in your grasp. Imagine yourself hanging out with your crew at a festival, and suddenly it becomes apparent that you’re going to separate because some of you want to see upcoming acts, which don’t necessarily pique the interests of others. In these situations, our local events app will maintain seamless communication with your group and enable you to contact and quickly track people who may share your tastes and current preferences.


Our event finder app will not only help you navigate through the best venues and events in your area but it will also give instant insight about the overall atmosphere and other peoples’ experiences. Receive data on the spot – from the spot, gather your crew, meet new people, and get Lit together! Download the party finder app App Store below!

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Take Your Night Out to a New Level

All forms of social media have become an integral part of clubbing and festivals. So, we want to cut to chase and make meeting the right people at the right event easy. With our local events app, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to be up to date with your friends’ whereabouts, get updates from various venues of your interest, and serve as a beacon to those who wish to find you or just receive information about your current experience during an outing.

Our event app technology is at your disposal to speed things up and help you make contact with more detail and discretion.

Be at the right place & time with the right crowd