Let’s speak freely for a sec. Sure, we hit the clubs to meet people, celebrate with friends, and dance into the night. But don’t we also do it for a wee bit of bragging rights, too? Especially when we travel, who among us doesn’t get inspired to hit the clubs so we can tell the tales to folks back home — and to prove in real time on Instagram — that we’ve been in some of the world’s most exclusive environments, amid some of the most expensive champers and the most beautiful people. If that sounds like your bag, you’ll want to check out our roundup of some of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs.

1. Top of the Standard, New York City

Top of the Standard, formerly known as the Boom Boom Room, has been a mainstay on the glam NYC party circuit for a few years now but has managed to retain its air of exclusivity. The bar is pretty easy to get into early in the evening, but come 11 p.m., the velvet rope tightens and you’ll need to charm yourself onto the guest list.

2. XS, Las Vegas

In a city known for its decadence, XS is the over-the-top club that Las Vegas deserves. You may spend hours waiting to enter, but once you’re in, expect a glittering pool, gold-plated interiors and a huge dance floor thumping to the sounds of some of the world’s best DJs.

3. LIV, Miami

As the song goes, “Drink all day. Play all night.” Yep, if you’re in Miami, you’re probably down for a party. What’s not to love about LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach… besides the long lines and fussy doormen? Dress to the nines, shore up all your confidence, pony up for a VIP table, and get ready for a hedonistic night in an utterly opulent venue jammed with truly beautiful people.

4. Berghain, Berlin

Berghain famously runs a tight door, but it does have a reputation to maintain as one of the world’s best clubs. It’s all about authenticity here, which means music obsessives over models. Don’t bother dressing up and don’t even think about a selfie — bouncers put stickers over cell phone cameras and will gladly remove you if you remove it. Doormen have said that they are looking at partygoers’ personalities rather than their appearance, but, still, the trick to getting inside is still a bit of a mystery. Good luck!

5. Le Montana, Paris

Paris has a reputation for snottiness, so it’s hardly surprising that the City of Love is home to so many unwelcoming doors. Opened by legendary nightclub owner, Andre Saraiva, Le Montana’s tiny size — it’s in a cellar vault — severely stacks the odds against normal people getting in. Bonne chance, but be prepared to get shut down at the modest-looking entrance with a withering glare from the chic hostess.

6. Bonbonierre, London

London boasts countless killer nightclubs — the best of which take place in sweaty warehouses — but if it’s an air of opulence you are looking for, try celeb hangout Bonbonierre. This place is so decadent that its interiors are modeled after the Fabergé Egg, an internationally recognizable symbol of wealth. Once inside (obey the strict dress code) why not order a cocktail in a Swarovski encrusted Fabergé Egg replica, served with a diamond necklace?