So, you’ve set the date and booked the venue, and now it is time to get people to show up. Worried? Maybe just a tad… and that is perfectly normal.

The main goals of any event manager are usually the following:Two beautiful young women having fun at a party, holding martini glasses and making a toast. Focus on the girl on the left

  • To make sure every little detail goes according to plan
  • To make sure the guests are getting what they want
  • To make sure performers are getting what they want
  • To make sure every last ticket is sold
  • To make sure these guests spread the word about your event a

This can indeed be quite stressful for event organizers, but later if the job is done right, the rewards are many to reap. Here are 7 creative event marketing tips that should help you sell those tickets in no time.

  • Use Event Marketing Sites and Apps

We at LitApp recommend using event marketing iOS apps simply because they get the job done. Many surveys have shown that over 50% of urban audiences across the globe use event discovery apps, social media and neighborhood guides in order to find events that appeal to them. Do your research and find event marketing iOS apps to reach your target audience, and take advantage of many online guides and event apps available today.

Platforms and apps like Spotify, Eventbrite, LitApp, Goldstar, Bandsintown, Facebook Events and Eventful are just some of the useful tools you can use to find successful event marketing tips and boost your ticket sale.

  • Social Media

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat is an extremely effective way to promote your event and reach new audiences. If you have a good product that is bound to have its consumers, creating a social media page is an affordable event advertising strategy that will target your audience quickly and successfully.

  • Create A YouTube Channel

What better way to show your future (and existing) audiences what your event looks like than via a cool promotional video? Aside from being the world’s largest video streaming platform, YouTube is Internet’s second-biggest search engine, so making a YouTube channel with great content will do wonders for the discoverability of your product.

Some useful event marketing ideas to use via YouTube:

  • Live streaming
  • Video collage of previous events
  • Sneak peeks
  • Promo videos shot by the artists and performers who have performed at your festival
  • Video about your sponsors

All these will provide your guests valuable insight into what they can expect and what they will be experiencing during your event.

  • Blogs

Maybe we are being a bit biased here, but the power of blogging is never to be underestimated. Blogging is one of the most widespread marketing tools currently available on the Internet, and when it comes to useful event marketing tips and benefits, it can work on many levels and have several purposes:

  • Inform people about your event
  • Educate your target audiences about your niche
  • Entertain your readers and attendees
  • Boost your SEO rankings and give you more exposure

This means that your event will pop up among the best-rated ones when people are searching for events and information about similar events.

  • Word of Mouth and Customer Feedback

One of the most effective ways to promote your event and win true audiences is via the old-school “word of mouth.” This, of course, works best for annual events that have been going on for a while and there is already a base audience for it. If this is the case, try to get testimonials from your regular attendees that will give people a hint about just how much of a blast your event really is.

NOTE: These testimonials are most effective if they come from attendees who travel long distances to come to your event!

  • Corporate Sponsorships

This is a truly win-win scenario for both you as an event manager and the sponsors who will also do their best to advertise the whole thing. Remember: good sponsors always have quality contacts.

  • Tickets Giveaway

Although it may sound a bit counterintuitive, giving a portion of tickets for free can go a long way. Free tickets giveaways on social media will get you exposure, while offering free admission tickets to big participating companies will also trigger them to mention your event. Again a win-win situation.

We hope LitApp managed to help you with these possibly successful event marketing tips. We wish you a successful event marketing endeavor!