Bangkok is an extremely eventful city that offers a myriad of fun activities for you to experience, and visiting some of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok that offer amazing views of the city should definitely be at the top of your list. The only problem is – there’s just too many of them.

This is why we at LitApp decided to help you narrow down your options and provide you with a list of 6 best rooftop bars in Bangkok that you must check out.  


View from Sirocco Bangkok Lounge.

Sirocco is an amazing rooftop bar that offers extremely lavish atmosphere and a spectacular three-sixty degree view of the city. If you want to truly feel like you’re living the high life, make sure you try and visit Sirocco and see the entire Bangkok as if it was in a snow globe.

Note: The staff at Sirocco is pretty strict when it comes to enforcing their dress code, so be sure to comply and dress sharp.

Centralworld, Centara Grand – Red Sky

Image of Centralworld, Centara Grand – Red Sky in Bangkok

Red Sky is an ultra-modern, even futuristic rooftop bar that offers a stunning 360-degree view of the city. Should you decide to visit this bar, make sure you walk up to the top floor to properly experience the full potential of Red Sky’s killer view. One of the best perks of this bar is that you can walk a full circle around the bar and choose a table that offers the best view of this amazing city. As far as drinks go, make sure to check out their cocktails.


Sofitel – L’appart is certainly among the best rooftop bars in Bangkok. The design of this place is just as extraordinary and unique as we like it. This bar will make you feel like you’ve just stepped in a teleport that brought you directly to France. L’appart’s interior design is out of this world, and we mean ALL rooms – the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, the library, and of course, the bar – are all decorated with huge amounts of style and intricacy.

And when you step outside, you are able to sit back and experience one of the best panorama views of Bangkok. The staff is highly professional and polite, and the cocktails are to die for.

Millennium Hilton – Three Sixty Lounge

Image of the Millennium Hilton – Three Sixty Lounge in Bangkok

The Three Sixty Lounge rooftop bar at Millennium Hilton Hotel at the Chao Phraya River is among the must-visit bars in Bangkok, especially if you prefer lounge-like bars and restaurants. We knew that Hilton hotels across the globe have much more to offer to their visitors than mere accommodation (however luxury that accommodation may be), and rooftop bars are certainly among those things.

Three Sixty Lounge offers a cosy atmosphere, lavish design, delicious food, tasty cocktails, all that accompanied by a stunning 360-degree view of the whole city.

Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar

For those looking for mouth-watering burgers, tasty cappuccinos, or tempting cocktails – Vertigo Grill and Moon Bar is THE place to visit. The crowd here is pretty cool, groovy and relaxed, the view is positively delightful, while the overall ambience is quite cosy and lounge-like.

It is a perfect place to check out if you are looking for a venue where you and your friends can get together, talk, and drink the night away. To be perfectly honest, the drinks are a bit overpriced, but considering the view you are provided with, it will totally be worth it.

Above 11

We are closing our list of best rooftop bars in Bangkok with Above 11.

Girl posing for picture at Above 11.

This great bar features a rather unique architecture that is accompanied with a marvellous view of the city, so if you are all about eastern cuisine (Peruvian-Japanese fusion) and yummy cocktails, Above 11 should definitely find its place on your itinerary.

If you know of more cool rooftop bars that look over the amazing city of Bangkok, feel free to mention them in the comments section. For more useful articles on events and venues around the globe, visit LitApp website now.