Australia is the land (down under) of many crazy, beautiful and dangerous things. Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, unusual animals (most of which want to kill you, or punch you), laid-back mentality… but what we often tend to forget is – Aussies have numerous awesome festivals and events that go neck and neck with some of the most popular music festivals across Europe and the US.

LitApp crew had the privilege to attend some of the biggest Australian music festivals over the last couple of years and we wanted to share some of these with our loyal readers.


FIELD DAY sydney

When:  January 1st
Location:  Sydney

Field Day is one of those festivals you want to go back to every year once you experience its mesmerizing atmosphere. The festival takes place on the first day of the year and it truly provides you with a promising feeling of the new beginning.

The venue in Sydney is called The Domain and it is iconic in every sense of the word, giving the festival a genuine boutique vibe. People are super-friendly, the atmosphere is eclectic, and the line-ups are getting better each year. If you seek quality EDM, hip-hop, house and indie music, Field Day should definitely find its place on your festival list for next year.

Check out Field Day Facebook page.


SUBSONIC music festival australia

When:  December
Location:  Riverwood Downs, New South Wales

For those looking to dance the night away to some world-class electronic, minimal, house, techno soulful and roots vibes within the breath-taking surroundings of the famous Riverwood Downs Mountain Valley Resort – this therapeutic event is not to be missed.

Check out Subsonic Facebook page.


STRAWBERRY FIELDS australia festival

When:  November
Location:  Australian Bush, near Melbourne

This festival is not just about music. It is about art and creativity. It takes place every November, at a gorgeous venue 2-3 hours away from Melbourne, but the drive is totally worth it. Trust us. Each year this festival provides its audience with both renowned and aspiring artists, meaning the line-ups are always as diverse as possible. Aside from music, Strawberry Fields festival provides:

  • Various workshops
  • Forums
  • Market stalls with plenty of goodies
  • Live performance acts and theater
  • Great food

Truly a feast for all senses.

Check out Strawberry Fields Facebook page.



When:  November/December
Location:  Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne

Stereosonic is definitely among the top 3 biggest Australian music festivals, and quite possibly THE biggest festival when it comes to EDM, and it simply must be on (y)our list.

Check out Stereosinic Facebook page.


When: November
Location:  Sydney

All house fans must experience what Harbourlife has to offer. And it offers A LOT. People from all over the world come to the land down under to swarm Sydney and enjoy the most popular house acts currently on the EDM music scene.

Tickets for this shebang burn out pretty quickly, so make sure you book yours before the festival is sold out.

Check out Harbourlife Facebook page.



When:  July
Location:  North Byron Parklands

This one covers a wide variety of genres is easily one of the biggest Australian music festivals that are currently active. It has everything that you need: quality line-up, gorgeous location, amazing sound and stage engineering, and – most importantly – great people.

Check out Splendour Facebook page.


lost paradise australia

When:  New Year’s Eve
Location:  Glenworth Valley, New South Wales

If you seek to spend your New Year’s Eve camping, eating great food, doing yoga, participating in various art projects and workshops, and of course, listening to huge artists, you NEED to find Lost Paradise!

Check out Lost Paradise Facebook page.


let go festival australia

When: February 2018
Location:  Mornington, Victoria

Certainly one of the biggest Australian music festivals we’ve ever been to! It is huge, but every aspect of it is meticulously organized. Truly a well-oiled machine Let Go festival is. Top notch acts, quality food, and lots and lots of various entertainment.  

Check out Let Go Fest Facebook page.

What are your favorite festivals in the Land Down Under?

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