Instagram is a perfect place for people to showcase their various crafts and talents as it is (alongside Pinterest) among the most visually potent social media platforms currently available online.

Professional, successful and famous event planners know this all too well and most of them use Instagram as the fulcrum of their digital marketing campaigns since it is a perfect tool through which they are able to reach their target audience.

Event planning is a serious business and people who do it well need a way to quickly post their accomplishments online for their followers to see, and hopefully gain new clients. This is where Instagram shines with its brightest light. Most famous event planners became known for their awesome work because they recognized the power of social media and learned how to use it to their advantage.

We at LitApp know just how hard it can be to find a perfect event planner who will be able to get everything right for your special occasion. This is why we decided to give you a list of top famous event planners that you should be following on Instagram at the moment.  

International Event Company

If you are looking for an experienced event planner who will turn your social event – anything from birthdays and bar mitzvahs, to extremely high-end corporate gatherings – International Event Company should be right up your alley. Their events tend to leave everyone breathless with their unique designs, creations, floral crafts and stunningly decorated venues.

Wink Design and Events

This event organizing company specializes in throwing top-notch weddings, corporate events, and other social happenings on a global scale. If we had to pick only one word to describe their events, it would definitely be – lavish.

Wink Design and Events has a rather cool Instagram account that features most of their gorgeous events depicted via high-quality videos and photos through which you can see just how creative and professional these guys really are.

Wink Design and Events wedding reception

Mindy Weiss

For those looking for an experienced and surefire event planner in the Los Angeles area, the talented Mindy is probably the right choice for you. Her Instagram account is packed with followers and quality content. She posts a myriad of videos and photos of her respectful work for her audience to see, and her events are extremely vivid, tasteful and utterly stunning.

Coco and Confetti

Coco and Confetti is definitely among the most famous event planners accounts currently available on Instagram. If you seek slam-dunk solutions for your social event, whether it is your wedding, your birthday or a corporal occasion, these guys will handle all your wishes and desires like true event specialists they are. They are passionate, they are design-obsessed, and they are truly original. What more can one ask from an event planner?   

Outstanding in the Field

We can guarantee these guys are just as awesome as their name. For those who are looking for a channel that focuses on both event planning and travel, this account will be a real treat. The folks over at Outstanding in the Field enjoy exploring and finding various unique outdoor locations and venues, and they know how to turn them into genuinely cool and original events packed with awesome designs and delicious yet healthy farm foods.

Outstanding in the Field table setup at the beach

Tinsel Twine

The team of gifted designers behind the name Tinsel & Twine is assembled of numerous miracle workers in the field of creative event planning and design. The company is based in NYC and their Instagram account is among the hottest at the moment as they are true experts at combining experience and fresh ideas. Their creativity has been recognized by brands like Maybelline, LeSportsac, Samsung, and Swarovski to which they have been catering at least once so far.

So there you have it folks, some of the most popular event planners currently active on Instagram. If you think we failed to mention a company that deserves to be on this list, make sure you leave a comment in the comments section below.

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