Just like top-notch fashion shows in Paris, New York, London, or Milano, music festivals are the place to be if you want to feast your eyes on outfits fused with artistic expression. There is something about sonically-fueled events that spark people’s creativity and imagination, they literally produce fashion trends no catwalk can think of. And this year is cooler than ever!

A lot of festivals tend to pick up on newly established trends that took the Coachella desert by storm, so we’ll start from there. Some of them were super cute and sweet, while some of them were edgy to the bone, but if you dive deep into that wide range of styles, three trends in particular pop out the most.

To be clear, we are not talking about models or influencers who always lean towards the sartorial track because their stylists are hired to keep things updated. Oh no, we are talking about festival-goers who go there first and foremost because of the music. This year, the boho-chic designs, which were by the way celebs’ favorite, are being overshadowed by unexpected, provoking, and even WTF-inducing (but in all the good ways) outfits. Below, you will find those three prominent festival attire choices, which are sure to dominate other popular music venues.

Net worth

netted fashion

Let us be frank, going on a festival with a whole sheer dress and cool underwear to match is nothing new. Although it goes up everyone’s alley, year after year this has become your regular, expected festival staple. In 2018 however, a new version came into play that is equally sexy, but with added flair to make things edgier. Fans are showing up wearing sporty underwear (think Calvin Klein) underneath tops, sheer pants, and the like, made from the netted material. Yes, netted style! This look is appropriate primarily for any Mad Max desert setting and is an excellent way to amp up your basic underwear. Plus, the practical side to it all is that it keeps you cool during extra-hot temperatures.

Kim Possible

kim possible

This Disney Channel’s redhead heroine may look like your average school cheerleader, but she is out there fighting crime and saving the world at night – and her nighttime garment choice has inspired a music festival fashion trend! You could see girls absolutely everywhere with motorcycle pants, cargo pants, camo pants, and other styles combined with a sports bra or crop top. This trend is a reference to the ‘90s, when pop and R&B stars, such as Aaliyah, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce, championed the look.

However, the new iteration has a few high-fashion twinges to it. For instance, there was a festival-goer who wore red moto pants but with the crotch cut out to resemble sporty chaps, and underneath you could see underwear made out of shiny futuristic material. Whatever color or pattern you choose, remember that those baggy, hip-enveloping pants with sexy tops are back. Options to improvise on this basis are practically limitless.

Co-ordination nation

coordination fashion pajama fashion

Have you ever watched Clueless starring Cher Horowitz who at one point of the movie wore the yellow plaid skirt and a top combination? Well, Coachella fans have also been a huge fan of co-ords this year. Practically any outfit that is made of two separate pieces, but from the same fabric has that quirky, effortless feel to it. No wonder this combination has become one of the easiest and most powerful sartorial statements this season.

In the masses, you could easily spot people sporting all sorts of wild and colorful patterns, including Hawaiian prints, head-to-toe stripes, polka dots, and whatnot. Music festival fashion is about freedom of expression, and ways with which you can embody this trend seems endless. Skirts, crop tops, collared tops, and pajama pants – anything you think of goes, plus it makes packing for you next large-scale festival much much easier.

So what is your fashion choice on music festivals? Will you follow these awesome new trends or customize something completely unique to suit your character? Write to us in the comments below and let us know what you think will be the next year’s Coachella fashion craze.