You can’t really say you are a true new yorker until you experience some (or all) of the most talked about underground raves in NYC. New York’s underground party scene has been in bloom for the past 2 decades and one of its crucial ingredients is certainly rave.

This is why we at LitApp decided to give you the list of our favorite underground raves in NYC, and we hope you will find this helpful the next time you want to pull an all-nighter.

  1. BrunchBounce

BrunchBounce is one of the most laid-back raves in NYC, so if you are looking to party hard but in a laid-back fashion, this one might be the place to start. In the beginning, BB was a daytime dance party in Washington Heights, but it soon started to spread its good vibrations all over New York. BrunchBounce is perfect for those who don’t like dress codes and VIP sections as this party has none of those. As far as music genres are concerned, you can dance to anything from hip-hop, reggae, house, to merengue, salsa, reggaeton…

  1. Blkmarket Membership

If you are searching for true underground royalty among the NYC heavy rave hitters, then you’ll definitely love Blkmarket Membership. Ever since these well-known rave events started back in 2006, Blkmarket has been pushing the limits of Brooklyn’s electronic dance scene even further and setting new and exciting trends with their selection of aspiring and trendsetting DJs.

  1. ReSoluteDiverse Ethnic Friendship Party Leisure Happiness Concept

ReSolute is for genuine die-hard ravers only! This kickass franchise is all about secret locations and partying hard. The events happen all the time and the venues are usually secret warehouse-like places and NYC rooftop locations that are pretty hard to track down, so you’ll have to be persistent and always be on the prowl.

  1.  Ladyfag

Here we have perhaps the most relevant transgender rave in all of New York. Ladyfag is an artist/writer/performer/nightlife personality from Toronto who has been organizing these word-of-mouth rave events since 2006. If you seek parties that are wild, loud, and long, but you also want to celebrate various international cultures, rave events powered by Ladyfag are a must.  

  1.  I FEEL  

For those who are all about oil pastels and feathers, I feel that “I FEEL” is the community for you. If you are an open-minded person who seeks like-minded individuals and you truly love art, costumes, partying and dancing to quality deep-tech house, you should definitely check out this one.

  1. The Junxion

Nobody really knows when or where the next Junxion will be. In fact, most people, ravers included, don’t even know WHAT it is. You simply cannot describe it, you need to experience it. However, the buzzwords that may come in handy when trying to understand this rave jamboree are the following:

  • nomadic tribe
  • roving artists
  • burners
  • all-inclusive
  • spontaneous
  • pop-up

Intrigued? Of course you are.

  1. Babel

Babel is quite possibly the most popular among the underground raves in NYC. It’s unpredictable, it’s artistic, it’s fueled by Burners, it’s tribal, it’s creative, it’s magical, it’s transcendental, it’s different yet warm and familiar, it’s crunchy, and, above all – it’s a pure rave! Some of the most famous Babel events include:

  • The Parisian Ball on Governors Island
  • Sun Scream
  • Voyage Voyage
  • Atmosphere
  • Dimanche at the Bowery Hotel

There you go folks, our list of most radical underground raves in NYC. We hope this was helpful. Let us remind you that LitApp is an awesome application for tracking down the coolest parties and events across the globe, as well as like-minded people and party animals such as yourself. And remember: It’s not the destination, it’s the location!